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European ports: introduction to the port of birmingham

Birmingham Port Map

The location of Birmingham Port is shown on the map.

Birmingham's geographical longitude: -1.890401, latitude: 52.486243. One of the main ports for inland routes in Europe

Birmingham (English: Birmingham) is the second largest city in the United Kingdom after London. It is located in central England and on the railway line from London to Liverpool. It is one of the major manufacturing centers in the UK. There are many industrial sectors, mainly heavy industry. The world's largest metal processing area includes ferrous metallurgy and non-ferrous metallurgy (copper, zinc, brass, aluminum, nickel). Machine tools, instruments, carriages, bicycles, aircraft, chemicals, military and other industries are also very important. The automobile industry is so large that it is known as "British Detroit". Birmingham is the largest and most concentrated industrial area in the world. More than 25% of the UK's export products are manufactured in the Birmingham area. The economy is currently shifting to the tertiary industry, and the financial industry and tourism are also developing rapidly. Birmingham is the birthplace of modern metallurgical and machine-building industries and is the intersection of the country's major railways, trunk roads and canal networks.

Birmingham is an important maritime port in the UK. For more information on UK ports, please refer to the list below.

Europe is located to the west of Asia and is part of the Eurasian continent. Its north, west and south sides are bordered by the Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea respectively, and its east and southeast are adjacent to Asia, just like a large peninsula protruding westward from the Eurasian continent. From the perspective of sea and land position, Europe faces the Atlantic Ocean, has its back to the hinterland of Asia, and is located on the west coast of the continent. The main ports of European routes are: FELIXSTOWE UK, HAMBURG Germany, ANTWERP Antwerp Belgium, ROTTERDAM Rotterdam Netherlands, LE HAVRE France, BREMEN Bremen Germany, SOUTHAMPTON Southampton UK, ZEEBRUGGE Zeebrugge Belgium , THAMESPORT UK, BREMERHAVEN Germany, GIOIA TAURO Italy.

Among them: FELIXSTOWE UK, HAMBURG Hamburg Germany, ANTWERP Antwerp Belgium, ROTTERDAM Rotterdam Netherlands, LE HAVER Le HavreFrance. These five ports are often called European basic ports, also called European ports.

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